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December – 2007 – Prices

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GAF63 Dairy Maids
A A herd of Ayrshire cattle.
Click HERE to see it framed 500 £124.00 £82.00
GAF62 Leading Ladies
J group of Holstein Friesians leading the herd
Click HERE to see it framed 200 £114.00 £78.00
GAF60 The Highlanders
A A herd of Highland cattle in a Scottish landscape
Click HERE to see it framed 500 £124.00 £82.00
GAF57 Summer Hill Farm
J Friesians grazing on a peaceful Summer evening,
Click HERE to see it framed 200 £114.00 £78.00
GAF56 Wintering Out
A A snowscene – Sucklers being fed in the snow.
(Also available as a Christmas card) 500 £124.00 £82.00
GAF55 Cattle Crossing
A Friesians on the road 500 £124.00 £82.00
GAF54 Summer Haze
J Friesians watering in a cool stream 200 £114.00 £78.00
GAF52 Heads and Tails
J Holstein/Friesian calves 200 £114.00 £78.00
GAF51 A Breed Apart
A A herd of Limousin 500 £124.00 £82.00
GAF49 Oak Tree Farm
J Friesian cows grazing 200 £114.00 £78.00
GAF46 Limousin Cow and Calf

  • New upright format L Limousin Cow and Calf (Please be careful not to get confused with the picture below) 200 £114.00 £78.00
    GAF45 Limousin
  • Standard landscape format J Limousin Cow and Calf 200 £114.00 £78.00
    GAF44 Longhorns
    New upright format L Longhorn Cow and Calf 200 £114.00 £78.00
    GAF42 Highland
    J Highland Cow and Calf 200 £114.00 £78.00
    GAF38 Home Time
    J Milking time – Friesian cows homeward bound 200 £114.00 £78.00
    GAF27 Welsh Black
    J Cow and Calf 200 £114.00 £78.00
    GAF26 Cow Lane
    Sold out
    J Friesians homeward bound
    (Note: Sold out, enquire for current secondary market price!) 200 Sold out Sold out
    GAF25 British White
    J Cow and calf 200 £114.00 £78.00
    GAF23 Hill Farm
    J Friesian cows grazing 200 £114.00 £78.00
    GAF22 Belgian Blue
    J Cow and Calf 200 £114.00 £78.00
    GAF21 Showtime
    J Holstein wash and brush-up 200 £114.00 £78.00
    GAF20 Ten Acre
    J Friesian cows grazing 200 £114.00 £78.00
    GAF19 Newhouse Farm
    J Holstein cows on the trail home 200 £114.00 £78.00
    GAF16 Hereford
    J Hereford cow 200 £114.00 £78.00
    GAF14 Winter Feast
    J Guernsey Heifers feeding time 200 £114.00 £78.00
    GAF11 South Devons J South Devon cow and calf 200 £114.00 £78.00
    GAF08 Simmentals
    J Cow and calf 200 £114.00 £78.00
    GAF02 Brooktree Farm
    Sold out
    J Holstein Friesian cows grazing by the brook.
    (Note: Sold out, enquire for current secondary market price!) 200 Sold out Sold out
    GAF01 Charolais
    J Cow and calf 200 £114.00 £78.00
    PAF17 Farming Life
    B Farming life, the essence of the countryside – a herd of Holstein cows take to the fields under the watchful eye of the farmer. 500 £124.00 £82.00
    PAF16 Farmer’s Pride
    B A farmer views his work and life’s labours with a sense of pride.
    Friesian cow picture 500 £124.00 £82.00
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